Welcome to Mommys magic box

They say that Mommin’ Ain’t Easy, but it sure is worth it… Well, on most days at least. While some people make it seem like a breeze while others are staring wide-eyed in utter confusion. We, at MMB, have seen all sorts of moms –the belly-flaunting-and-luminous-skin-developing ones, to the “is that really my hip size” ones, to the well-researched-excel-sheet-making ones, to the “just tell me what to do in simple sentences” ones. (Yes, that sentence was a bit overwhelming… just like motherhood). With all that’s going on, we felt the time was ripe for a service that eases things for women across the board.

With a million pieces of advice online and a trillion and one snippets of wisdom from those around you, this phase of life can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes frustrating (Ummm…In addition to being joyous, wondrous, awe-inspiring and simply beautiful of course.) For this reason, we’ve used our experience and extensive research and a
lot of self-testing to create these subscription boxes. It’s mainly to bundle up the right products for you to use at the time that you need it.

MMB Products are curated with extreme care, extensive research, some self-attestation and several trustworthy recommendations. We do a mix of conventionally branded items and a lot of independent products that have been lovingly created for the right results. We’ve chosen to be uncompromising on the quality & usefulness of each item before it’s
been included in the bundle. We want to make sure that everything we give you is exactly what you need.

What we also share are comprehensive lists, to-do guides and basic advice to help you figure things as you go along.

Ladies Please Note! MMB makes specialized gifting boxes for those poor souls (as we once were) who wonder what gifts to give to your friend/family/loved one at their Baby Shower or post childbirth.

All you need to do is subscribe to our boxes and we’ll set you on the right course.